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Tips for reducing high blood pressure

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These days people are facing many health issues and the major reason is pollution and change in lifestyle pattern. We could see right from air to all the other elements in our environment that support our survival here are polluted in the name of growth and development. Air pollution, water contamination, adulterated foods and stress in work, all of these have caused to develop another health issue which is getting common which is high blood pressure.

If you are diagnosed having high blood pressure, you may be worried, taking medication to bring it down. Your lifestyle plays a major role in lowering your high blood pressure. Healthy lifestyle can help you avoid delay or reduce taking medicines for high blood pressure.

1. Lose extra pounds and check your waistline
2. Do exercises regularly
3. Have healthy diet
4. Reduction in sodium intake: Reduction of sodium intake in small amount can greatly influence and reduce the blood pressure from 2 to 8mm Hg
5. Limit alcohol intake.
6. Quit smoking
7. Reduce the intake of caffeine
8. Reduce stress
9. See your doctor regularly and monitor your blood pressure
10. Get the support of your family.

Not just the above tips, in addition having the foods for lowering high blood pressure as part of diet will greatly help in reducing high blood pressure.

Exercising will help you to keep the blood pressure under control and by giving you a good peace of mind, exercises and practices like meditation and yoga will keep the blood flow stable across all parts of body and keeps you stress and tension free and thus helps you to keep both high and low blood pressure under control. So combining good diet and exercise will alone can help you to stay healthier.